Musician Karsu “Making people happy is the purpose of my life”

Musician Karsu "Making people happy is the purpose of my life"

Musician Karsu said that the purpose of her life is to make people happy.
After her concert at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage, Karsu answered AA reporter’s questions about her music life and Karsu Foundation.
Stating that it is good for her to live in the Netherlands as a Turk, Karsu said, "The Netherlands is very open to other cultures. For example, Germany is a little more closed. Since the Dutch culture, food culture, music culture is not very wide and it is a small country, they are very curious about other countries. You can find many different restaurants in the Netherlands, they go to many different music and dance classes. They are also very open to Turks, they want to learn about their culture. I have never experienced anything like racism in the Netherlands, but sometimes you experience prejudice."
Karsu said that she started her music career with piano lessons, worked as a waitress and musician in her father’s restaurant for 6 years, travelled to the USA several times and played at Carnegie Hall.
Stating that she found freedom in jazz music, Karsu said, "In classical music, they look at you as ‘How did you play this single note, how did you make this chord?’, but the freedom in jazz is incredible. That’s why I love jazz music so much."